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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wicomico County Bankrupt??

Salisbury News

WOW, where do I start! Perhaps the title goes too far but in essence it's a reality. You might say Wicomico County is in the very beginning stages of restructuring, or "TDR" Trouble Debt Restructuring.

Last week our former Editor GA Harrison confronted County Executive Rick Pollitt in his budget meeting and asked where the amendment was referencing the $14.2 million down to $7 million to meet maintenance of effort. Rick was clearly puzzled when GA said, I have looked everywhere and I cannot find such an amendment.

There was an amendment but it never got passed to get the state to reduce the numbers to help assist the County to meet MOE. Even IF Conway could have made it happen, the County still couldn't come up with enough money to make it work unless they took it out of the County's reserves.

So what does that mean. It means there is absolutely NO WAY the County can pay the state the $14,000,000.00 they are demanding to re base the Board of Education Budget. Now the state will withhold the income tax to assure the BOE gets their money.

Wicomico County only brings in around $36,000,000.00 in income tax and since O'Malley shoved that new law into place, The Comptroller will confiscate Wicomico County's income tax.

The County Council will more than likely turn things over to the state for at least one year.

Since this new bill has come forth it will devastate the county budget for Law Enforcement, Fire Protection, Roads and Public Health, (Health Department). In order to be capable of funding MOE the County would have to force a major reduction in the Wicomico County Sheriff's Department as well as the Detention Center and the rest of the above mentioned departments.

The bottom line, the amount of taxes citizen pay will be determined by THE BOARD OF EDUCATION from this point forward. Do you believe taxing authority should rest within Wicomico County's Charter as expressed by the voters or as Norm Conway would want by turning taxing authority over to the State Board of Education?

I'll add, this is the Bill that Norm Conway sponsored, deal with it. It should be noted that this emergency Bill will NOT end this year. There will be a recurring increase for the BOE each year following.

Oh, and by the way, the Bill give the authority to override the tax cap for education funding. It's time for Norm Conway to go. He has lived off the taxpayers for years and then turns around and does this to the taxpayers. Unreal!

I will have a Part II very soon


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