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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sixth-Grader Escapes Child Abduction Attempt

FEDERALSBURG, Md. - Federalsburg police are investigating an attempted child abduction. Police say a Middle School student was approached by three men in a car at the corner of University and West Central avenue while walking home from school. One of the men attempted to grab the Middle Schooler but he was able to escape.
"It is pretty scary to know that someone is trying to take kids in this town," said Daneshia Banks of Federalsburg, Md.
Michelle Burris has two kids under the age of 7. She thought Federalsburg was a safe town.
"Here in Federalsburg I wouldn't think somebody would do that," said Burris. "Not here at least but I guess it can happen everywhere".
In light of this incident, Federalsburg police chief Donald Nagel is making some changes around town.
"I am changing some shifts, I am going to have some officers around," said Chief Nagel. "It woke up the whole town because it can happen in small town Maryland".
According to Chief Nagel, the 3 suspects are high-school students that he believes were attempting a prank. Burris says, in today's world nothing shocks her.
"I am really surprised," said Burris. "I don't know who would be dumb enough but you never know now-a-days, people are crazy".
Police found the three suspects late last night in Salisbury, Md

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