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Saturday, April 28, 2012

SU Responds to Mayor's Letter

SALISBURY, Md.- Salisbury University responded positively to a letter sent by Mayor Jim Ireton following a clash between city police and students at an off-campus party.
Ireton's letter provided bullet points for repairing the relationship between the city and university, including asking the university to release more recent student alcohol consumption data and re-evaluating the Town Gown Committee.
Dane Foust, S.U.'s vice president of student affairs, said the university is open to recommendations on how to rebuild the city-university relationship.
"We want to work cooperatively and collaboratively together with the students, with the university and with the community to create a positive relationship for everyone," Foust said.
Ireton said this is not a town versus gown issue, but something that needs to be worked through to strengthen the relationship.
"I don't believe that we're asking for anything special," Ireton said. "I think that we're asking to reactivate our sense of urgency and commitment to the safety of everyone in town."

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