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Friday, April 27, 2012

Princess Anne Residents Want Cleaner Water

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. - Residents in Princess Anne say they are tired of the quality of water from the faucet in their homes. Some complain the water comes out a brownish color. The Somerset County Sanitation Department says the discoloration probably comes from different groundwater sources.
Emmanuel Titanji of Princess Anne decided he wanted to do something about it. He started a petition for residents who don't like the color in the water.
"We need the water to be changed. It's a whole system that needs to be changed. It's not an overnight thing it's going to take a while, but we need to make them aware the people need the water to be changed."
Robin Street, Manager of the Somerset County Sanitation Department released this statement
"Municipal water supplies are regulated with specific testing and reporting requirements. Currently there are 126 specific items to be analyzed. Color is not one of the requirements as the items causing color are naturally occurring in ground water and can vary from different groundwater sources. Water testing reports and results are annually summarized and distributed. The current reports available do not indicate an out of compliance condition."
Titanji's group "Let Your Voice Speak Positive Noise" plans to have a peaceful walk in Princess Anne at 10 a.m. on Saturday April 28, 2012. Titanji says he hopes to raise awareness in hope to bring about change.

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