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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some Drought Relief this Weekend!

Potential powerful storm could supply a good amount of rainfall this weekend into potentially early next week. Details on this storm are a little cloudy now. The effects could range from breezy weather and only around a half inch of rain or the potential that we receive 20-40mph winds along with 2-3 inches of rain. The later scenario would help greatly with the current dry conditions. This weather will be short lived as the heat and dry conditions return after this storm system. Continuing to expect the drought to potentially go back to a moderate drought with weekend washout and then come back full force as the next 3-6 months are expected to be very dry and very warm. Would not be surprised to see an extreme to exceptional drought by June. Along with drought conditions, wild fires become a possibility like the recent woods fire at Delmar High Schools Trail.

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