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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Controversial Email from Salisbury University Dean of Students

SALISBURY, Md. - An email using references from popular songs was sent to Salisbury University students by the Dean of Students. Some say the message was not professional, but other say they got the point.
The email was sent out as a reminder to students on how to conduct themselves during upcoming events like "War on the Shore," "Pork in the Park," and the Salisbury Festival.
"The goal was to really connect with students to really communicate in a way that's relevant to them and something that would compel them to read the email as opposed to sending them an email that would prompt them to very quickly hit the delete button," says Edwin Cowell, Dean of Students.
Cowell says before he sent the email he checked with students who work in the office to make sure his message was understandable.
"It's sort of like the inside joke that you have with your dean of students it was meant for us it wasn't meant for anyone else so for him to relate to us like that I thought it was really great so I took no offense to it," says Emma Lewis an SU student.
Some students like Ricky Felton say it could have been more professional.
"Didn't seem like they were serious seemed like they were trying to like relate too much."
Cowell says some may not understand, but he believes the message got across the way he intended.
"I apologize to those that may be offended by it or that don't really sort of understand it's real purpose but the email was really intended for our students and based on the feedback that I've gotten our students got it," says Cowell.

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