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Saturday, April 28, 2012

UPDATE: The Mcguires Arrested Again.

Delmar- On Wednesday, Delmar Daily reported that Tom and Nikki Mcguire were arrested again and their house was being searched by MSP,  WCSO. and Delmar PD. We have now found that more victims has come forward, Tom Mcguire has been indicted on 25 more charges that range from sexual abuse of a minor, unnatural or perverted practices, sex offences second, third and fourth degree, false imprisonment,child abuse and reckless endangerment, these charges are in addition to the 13 child sexual abuse charges from earlier this year, Tom Mcguire has been indicted on a total of 38 counts of child sexual acts. This not including the 9 arson charges he was indicted on in early March.
  Nikki Mcguire has been indicted on the same as Tom with a added second degree rape charge, Nikki has a total of 49 child sexual abuse charges she has been indicted on in both cases. Nikki is also awaiting trial for making false statement to a police officer. At the time the Mcguires were arrested they were both out on bond from the first indictment.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same guy Howard Dickerson tried to talk me into voting for?

Delmar Daily said...

I do believe tom and howard were friends

Anonymous said...

He's not in jail, he was seen on his porch less than two hours ago.

Anonymous said...

Tom and Nikki are not in jail I seen them sitting on their deck Sunday night.