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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just How Clean Is The Water?

Above is a picture of water filters removed from a homeowners
filtration system. 

PRINCESS ANNE, Md., - Complaints from Princess Anne residents about the quality of their water have been given an answer.
The Somerset County Sanitation Department has responded with this statement: "Municipal water supplies are regulated with specific testing and reporting requirements. Currently there are 126 specific items to be analyzed. Color is not one of the requirements as the items causing color are naturally occurring in ground water and can vary from different groundwater sources. Water testing reports and results are annually summarized and distributed. The current reports available do not indicate an out of compliance condition."
The Maryland Department of the Environment has been notified of the situation and say they plan to investigate and get samples of the water. They also say that the iron in the ground water may be what's causing the discoloration and that it does not pose a health threat.
"You can actually see how thick the debris is, that's coming from the water", "I mean look at it, this is gunk, muck, trash, debris, this is what the people are drinking", says one local Princess Anne man.
Looks like something you would pull out of your car's engine. But, this is actually a water filter pulled from one of the many sites these 3 men set-up around town. Now, they are raising awareness about the water quality in Princess Anne.
"The water in Princess Anne in general has a color and flavor, it has a taste to it", says Emmanuel, a local water advocate. "It has a lot of chemicals into it, and let's keep it simple the color of water is not suppose to be yellow", he continues.
Called Let Your Voice Speak Positive Noise, this trio took it into their own hands to get more than 4,000 signatures in support for more regulations on clean water.
"Water is an essential, part of everyone's life, regardless if your rich or poor, regardless if you 6 months or 85, 90 years old", says a Salisbury man. "What those signatures were about was just to show yes these people are concerned", he continues.
Raising awareness about the water quality in Princess Anne, these young men are not only concerned about the color of the water, but the smell as well. You can join this trio on Saturday at 10 AM for a clean water is medicine March. Residents will be meeting at the Princess Anne Public Library.

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