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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

O.C. Approves 50 Cent Hike for Parking Meters

OCEAN CITY, Md.- Beginning April 1, if you want to find a parking space in Ocean City, you will have to come up with a few more coins. The town council voted to raise the price for parking from $1 an hour to $1.50 per hour.

Some Ocean City residents like John Hagan believe it could be bad for the resort town. He said, "I think it's going to hurt businesses a lot because it's going to prevent people from coming in and also some of the places where they have free parking like the hotels. They're going to have to monitor those spots to keep people from running there and occupying those areas."

Here's how the new parking meter hike will work: From April 1-May 24, drivers will have to pay for parking from Friday through Sunday only. Then from May 25-Sept. 3, you will have to pay every day of the week for parking.

Town resident Tom Zimmer feels the 50 cent boost can help Ocean City's bottom line.
" I really don't have a problem with the price of the meters going up," he said. "It will bring more income into the town and the tourists who come down here won't mind putting a little extra money in the meters because they're on vacation."

Officials said the extra money could bring in an extra $400,000 a year for the town

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