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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sussex Couples Wed on Valentine's Day

GEORGETOWN, Del.- Couples across Delmarva made Valentine's Day their wedding day.
A dozen couples were scheduled for services on Tuesday in Sussex County, said clerk of the peace George Parish. At one point, the ceremonies were scheduled back-to-back.
"We're very busy," said Parish. "We started early this morning. We're going through late tonight."
Janet and Edward Fountain of Laurel said the holiday wedding added to the romance.
"We didn't plan it but it just happened to fall on Valentine's Day, so it makes it even better," said Janet.
Tuesday also marked the first Valentine's Day for civil union licenses in Delaware; however, Parish said only one couple was signed up.
The new law has kept his office busy beyond the holiday. Parish said the marriage bureau in Georgetown will likely issue about 300 civil union licenses this year, on top of about 1,300 marriage licenses. The change means extra work for a limited staff. Last year, county administration provided the office with a part time staff member and about $32,000 in extra funding to prepare for civil unions.
"We obviously will be asking for the same level of funding next year to accommodate our increased activities, purchasing equipment, software activities," said Parish.
But the focus Tuesday was love, not money.

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