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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Mcguires my view

Thomas McGuire Thomas McGuire
Nicole McGuire
Nicole McGuire

 Delmar Md. Thomas and Nicole Mcguire are still being held at WCDC.on bond. I received a comment on thier post that has been up for the last three day stating, the Mcguires are good people and I should remove the post. That will not happen!

 For over two years now Tom Mcguire has used his blog as a blow hole to discredit, belittle, discriminate and to cast negative images on Delmar, the school system, the sports teams and the local government which were lies, plain and simple. This guy turned a small town election into a three ring circus. He made fake post on  swinger/dating sites using Mayor Carl Anderton name and posted this info on his blog to discredit him. He also made a big deal about commissioner Bunky Luffman taking online classes to brush up on his skills, I guess Tom didn't know Bunky already has a degree. He claimed thier were "back alley" deals being made so past Mayor Doug Nibblet could get who he wanted elected to office. Please keep in mind all these things were posted on his blog.

 After the Delmar Wildcats Football Team won the Henlopen South championship game in 2010, the Delmar Fire Department paraded them around town with lights on and sirens sounding, Tom Mcguire made a complaint to the Delmar Town Manager, The following town meeting was flooded with people including, the football coaches, the football team and so many residents that the room was full and people were standing outside, all those people were there to support the Delmar Fire Department on Mcguires complaint, Mcguire did not attend, The Mayor and commission were in favor of the parade. Later on in September of 2011 Mcguire went on to say on his blog that the Delmar Wildcats football team were a bunch of "PINKOS",  they don't know what real football is and continued to carry his negitive attitude to the Delmar Wildcats Football page where updates during the games are posted. After talking to Karen Wells the founder of the Wildcats facebook page, she stated that Tom Mcguire was deleted and banned from the page several times and continued to join under false names.

 Back in November the house next to his was set on fire, (arson). Tom had talked to the town officials and stated how much of a eyesore that house was and he wished the town would take it down. So my finger was pointing at him to be the arsonist, later to find out the fire was set by two teenagers. I still thought he had something to do with it, and I was correct later he was arrested for his involvement.

 Now both the Mcguires has been charged with child sexual offences, Wow didn't see that coming, they have been charged with sexual act with a 14 year old girl and a 15 year old boy, I have been told the evidence was rock solid. Both combined 21 total charges.

To my anonymous commenter, they are not as they seem, they both have numerous charges from domestic violence to child sexual abuse and arson in which he coached two kids to set a house on fire. Those two are where they need to be, injail.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I agree those two need to be jailed.