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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Prospects of a Snowstorm!

Over the weekend could become very interesting for Delmarva. It appears we may be in store for a southern slider to produce our first major snowstorm. This is not 100% going to happen yet, but it has some potential. There will be a storm sliding across the country with cold air digging into our area. Depending on where the storm exits the coast will depend on how much snow we receive. If the storm goes south of Outer Banks we will see sunny and cool conditions. Between Virginia Beach and the Banks we would see a storm with amounts ranging anywhere from 1-8 inches depending on the exact track. A lot of details to work out in the next 5 days so stay tuned.


JoeAlbero said...

Hey Alex, good work. I've been watching the same storm and WBOC said it will taper off to nothing by the time it gets to the east coast.

That being said, I'd rather trust you than those clowns. The last time we predicted a major snow storm, WBOC said we'd get nothing and the next thing I knew I was out for three days plowing snow for the elderly and handicapped.

Either way, stay warm everyone and hope for a huge storm. I've got a new truck, a plow and a spreader to pay for. LOL

Delmar Daily said...

Your right Joe about, it was alot of snow may I add. Alex hit it on the head.