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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Talbot Board of Education Opposes Athletic Bill

EASTON, Md.- St. Michaels High School students who want to play football and lacrosse are out of luck.  The school does not offer those two sports, but neighboring Easton High School does.  Students in St. Michaels would like to play sports for Easton High. 
St. Michaels' alumnus Brittany Tyler thinks that is a good idea.
"I think it would be really good for the students," Tyler said. "Especially in St. Michaels because they don't have very much to chose from."
The Talbot County Board of Education objects to St. Michaels students competing in Easton.
Kim King lives in Easton and believes the board is making a wise decision.
"The children should stay where they are for the sake of the transportation and the insurance issues," King said. 
Jeanine Radaskiewuicz of Easton agrees.
"I support the decision that they have made for the sake of the kids and competition," Radaskiewuicz said. 
Maryland State Sen. Richard F. Colburn, whose district includes Talbot County, supports the state bill to allow St. Michaels kids to play in Easton. He issued WBOC this statement: "The board should re-read the bill so they have all the information they need before taking a vote." 
Colburn said the bill states there will not be a division reclassification and transportation costs would be put on the parents, not on the school board. If passed, St. Michaels students will have more opportunities then they ever had before. 
"I was in cheerleading before I started at St. Michaels," Tyler said. "It wasn't available there and I liked lacrosse but I wasn't able to play it."
Soon you could possibly see sports like football and lacrosse with one team from two towns, whether they like it or not. As it stands now, Easton offers 21 athletic programs and St. Michael's offers 11. 

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