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Monday, February 20, 2012

Delmar Weather Makes The Call

Delmar weather reported on Tuesday that it would snow Sunday into Monday, Alex originally predicted 5 to 8 inches if the storm formed the way he thought it would, the storm didn't so Alex changed his snowfall totals yesterday morning from 1" to 3", which is in the range I have at my house. WBOC, WMDT, The Weather Channel, were all calling for rain until yesterday morning when they changed to a mix, I have snow. Alex hit the nail on the head with this one, what we have to remember is Alex is a junior at Delmar High School who is interested in weather, he does not have a degree in meteorology nor does he claim to, yet he does a better job than our local media, if the storm had formed as he originally predicted when would our local media told us? Alex always put the max out and keeps you updated if he needs to change his forecast he will. GOOD JOB ALEX!! Keep up the good work .

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Anonymous said...

Thanks goes out to Alex. It is nice to know the possibilities of weather before the day it happens.