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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Delmar Varsity Wrestling Makes A Statement At The State Duals

 Delmar showed its muscles at the Delaware State Duals yesterday, although Delmar lost the match with Caravel 36 to 26 by having forfeits in two weights classes, they opened the eyes of the Caravel wrestling team, I must say this was the best wrestling I have ever seen, Delmar had the fire in their eyes and the drive to compete with these larger schools. The matches were tough, some of the Delmar wrestlers were bumped up to a higher weight class to fill spots but the all held on to win their matches.

 These wrestling teams don't win there way into this tournament, they are chosen by a committee, and its a honor to be chosen. yesterday I reported this was the first time in years Delmar has been invited to this tournament, I later found out that this year is the first time ever.GOOD JOB DELMAR WRESTLING TEAM, we are proud of you!


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