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Friday, February 17, 2012

Winter Snow Storm Brewing !!


 Delmar Weather reported on Tuesday a possible snow storm for this weekend and its a really good chance it will track over the Delmarva Peninsula, depending on the temperatures and the exact path we could see alot of snow from late Sunday and into Monday, Alex will keep you posted. This snow storm is forming in the south and will travel up the coast,  historically when storms come from the south to our area they dump several inches or feet on us, so be ready. Moore on this possible snow storm as it unfolds


Anonymous said...

Not for here High on Sunday 40 Low 37 not clod enough to snow.

Delmar Daily said...

Guess we will see!!

Anonymous said...

The high of 40 will be in the morning on Sunday. When the storm comes, the temp will drop dramatically and snow will fall. Expect about 3 inches.