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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Woman Arrested Speaks Out About O.C. Police Taxi Cab Investigation

OCEAN CITY, Md.- Dawn Ramashka was charged with one count of distribution of a controlled dangerous substance following "Operation Sand Dollar," an Ocean City police sting operation that got under way in January 2010 and involved an officer posing as a cab driver.  Ramashka, who is out on $50,000 bond, claims police are going after the smaller fish, not the hardcore criminals.
"I just think it was a waste of time," she said. "They conducted a two-year investigation and they got all the middle men, that's who's locked up...the in-between people. People are looking at 40 years for this. Some of them need rehab, not jail time."
Ocean City Police Chief Bernadette DiPino said that is how you catch the bigger bad guys, by going after the smaller ones.
"Whenever there's a problem and drugs are a problem in the United States, what we do in law enforcement is we attack the problem from multiple fronts and we go after all levels of individuals that are using and dealing drugs," she said. "So, we attack and sometimes you get the small fish and sometimes you get the big fish. We're out looking for all levels of dealers."
"Operation Sand Dollar" yielded 34 indictments. The suspects are charged with distributing or conspiring to distribute controlled dangerous substances, ranging from marijuana, cocaine, oxycodone and even morphine in the "Tipsy Taxi."

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