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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wicomico County Hopes to Add Speed Cameras in School Zones

SALISBURY, Md.- Speed cameras already exist around schools in Salisbury, Fruitland, Delmar and Princess Anne, based on city approval. Now, Wicomico County wants to add additional cameras throughout school zones within the county.
The plan to get the speed cameras up and running is on hold, at least for now, because Wicomico County Council members say they need more information as to where the devices will be placed. According to some council members, speed areas are not clearly specified by the county. They are asking the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office to provide clarification.
As it stands now in Salisbury, cameras are currently operational within a half-mile radius of Bennett Middle and High Schools on College Avenue. The city installed those cameras in October 2011. Police say that since then, they have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of citations issued for speeding.
The county wants to continue that trend by adding four to six more cameras within county school zones.
Drivers who spoke with WBOC said they have a lot of mixed reactions about this plan.
"I think they are helpful because people do speed a lot and it just slows them down a little bit and makes them think before they put their foot to the gas," said Yolanda Chaikel of Salisbury.

But Christopher Wood disagrees.
"When I drive here, I don't really speed that often and I think money can be spent in other areas around the county," he said.
Anyone caught violating the speed limit can expect to be hit with a $40 fine. No points against licenses would be incurred.
The Sheriff's Office is expected to return to the council in two weeks with an update specifying the speed radius those cameras will enforce.
The speed cameras would be mobile, so that they could be moved from one school zone to another throughout the year.
According to the Sheriff's Office, there would be a 30-day warning period for these speed cameras.
Authorities said the cameras are on track to be put in place by early spring.

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