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Monday, February 13, 2012

Budget changes to be considered in Salisbury

SALISBURY -- Several budget amendments pertaining to infrastructure maintenance are up for consideration during today's City Council meeting.
A police radio tower on Marine Road was severely damaged Aug. 2 by a lightning strike, according to Maj. David Meienschein of the Salisbury Police Department. Emergency repairs cost about $21,000, and the city's insurance company placed payment of the claim in the General Fund account.
"The SPD is requesting a budget amendment to appropriate these funds and pay the vendor, Teltronic Inc.," Meienschein said.
Meienschein is also requesting a budget amendment to account for money earned due to the SPD's ammunition recycling program.
"The members of the SPD are required to complete firearms training and officer certification yearly," he said. "The ammunition utilized during the training has brass casings which are collected and stored. When the storage bins are full, the officers transport the brass casings to Delmarva Recycling Inc. and they pay us the fair market value for brass."
The department has received $1,200 from Delmarva Recycling Inc., and that money has been deposited into the General Fund. A budget amendment is required to transfer the money to the SPD budget, where it would be used to purchase service weapons for new officers.
Teresa Gardner, director of Public Works, is requesting a budget amendment to cover $17,500 in repairs to street lights. Gardner said street lights on West Carroll Street between Camden Avenue and Waverly Drive, and on West Naylor Mill Road between Scenic Drive and Goddard Parkway are not functioning because of faulty underground wiring.
Gardner is also requesting a budget amendment to repair the traffic signal control cabinet at the intersection of South Division Street and Milford Street, which was damaged Nov. 6 in a hit-and-run accident.
The Local Government Insurance Trust has agreed to provide the city with up to about $5,480 to replace the cabinet, Gardner said. A budget amendment approved by the council would allow for that money to be deposited into the Traffic Control account.
Also on tonight's agenda are second readings of ordinances that tweak tow company regulations. The council is also expected to consider adoption of the fiscal years 2013-2017 Capital Improvement Plan.

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