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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Goose with Arrow Through its Body Sets In Delaware

DOVER, Del.- Neighbors in the Planters Run Development have their eye on a Canada goose with an arrow through its body, below its neck.
Harry Powderly first spotted it on Saturday. 
 "I was out in the backyard doing some work and I saw this goose out here, and he had an arrow right through the part of the neck that goes down into the chest," Powderly said.  "First I thought it was part of the wild stuff growing out here. Then I realized there was yellow feathers on the back and as the goose moved, it moved with him."
The goose was pierced below its neck with what wildlife officials said was a target arrow, not a hunting arrow. Officials with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control said the goose cannot be rescued because it would be almost impossible to catch. The goose can still swim and fly, making it hard for DNREC to help it. 
DNREC said it sees about three to four cases like this each year. DNREC officials said they cannot speculate how this happened, but in many of the cases its usually a landowner dealing with nuisance geese rather than a hunter making a mistake.
Neighbors like Powderly said they hope the goose survives or DNREC can help it. DNREC officials said they will monitor the goose and if it does show signs of getting slow, they could try to take it to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

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