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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Walnut Street Project

Last night Mayor Carl Anderton held a informal meeting to gather input on the Walnut Street construction, he wanted to inform Walnut Street residents about the construction, what was going to happen,when it was going to start and to get the residents point of view, The hot topic of the meeting was sidewalks, Seems the residents are against sidewalks and would rather have roll curbs. The plans submitted showed sidewalks on the north side of walnut street only, town officials along with engineers are checking to make sure this is possible. so to the residents of Delmar Maryland it looks like the our elected officials are doing what they promised. Keep up the good work guys.

On a different note, Howard from the Delmar Dustpan decided to show up at the meeting, keep in mind he does not LIVE on Walnut Street nor does he LIVE in Maryland, he tried to give his input and  I quickly let that be known, my opinion if you do not live on Walnut Street or in Delmar Maryland you should not have been at the meeting. Also this was a informal meeting strictly for input, why does he think the whole council should have attended? Because it is just one more thing for him to bitch about, so if you want to know where the other council members we pick up the phone and call them, than tell us how that worked for ya.

It should not be a surprise that I don't Like Howard, back in December he posted a negative comment about the high school chores concert, pretty much said they were terrible, that has just pissed me off, nobody should ever say such things about kids that are at least trying, why would anybody discourage kids? After reading his blog I have found he takes his stabs at everyone, council, law enforcement (because he got a speeding ticket) and who or what ever he don't agree with, and he also endorsed Tom Mcguire,who ran for town council,who is the person that just arrested for sexual abuse of a child and arson, kind of makes you wounder what kind of guy he is. Sorry to blow off steam but Delmar is tired of this type of reporting from the Delmar Dustpan.



what! said...

Im liking this new blog, im also sick of howard bashing the MD side! Why does he not focus on the DE side? Maybe because they do nothing at all! Im glad our mayor and council is trying to make changes.

Karen Wells said...

I am a Walnut St. resident. Had I been able to go, my capacity there would have been as a resident, not as a council member. I accompanied my youngest son to sports' practice in Salisbury and my husband attended the Walnut Street project. My husband is more than capable of sharing ideas and voicing his opinions. And quite frankly, that is what the meeting was about.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Howard found out just how quickly Mr. Wells does voice his opinion, didn't he?

Anonymous said...

If anything here has to be voted on, Deputy Mayor Wells would (or should) abstain. Therefore, it was probably a better move for her husband to go. If she's doing her job, she knows how her neighbors feel anyway.