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Thursday, February 23, 2012

DelDOT Calls for Internal Investigation

DOVER, Del.- Delaware Department of Transportation Secretary Shailen Bhatt has called for an investigation of the agency after issues came to light involving faulty record keeping, missing and uncashed checks. 
Bhatt said after Freedom of Information Act requests came in, the agency discovered irregularities in processes and procedures, as well as with its archaic file management system.  Bhatt said DelDOT will use a forensic accounting firm and a security firm to inspect the agency's existing policies and past records.
"We talked about the forensic accounting firm to put rest all the issues with regards to the checks and then an investigative firm to come in and run down some of the issues," Bhatt said. "I feel like that will deal with legacy issues."
Bhatt said DelDOT will also use $1 million to upgrade its software systems. 
"When somebody comes in they're not looking at a scribbled note stuck in a file, in the wrong place, because its seven years later," he said. "We're going to go into the software system and see what exact notes were at that time and track entire life of project."
Bhatt said he hopes the investigations will help DelDOT establish a system transparency. 
"We want to be able to reassure tax payers and Delawareans that DelDOT is an agency that can be trusted," said Bhatt.  "We want the employees to feel that they have pride in their agency."

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