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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Speed Camaras and Tickets

 If you have driven on Foskey Lane past Delmar Elementary School lately, you should have noticed a off white car/suv, parked on the side of the road, this is a speed camera, put into place to control speeding in school zones. Delmar was given the choice to allow this camera and collect revenue or Wicomic County would put one there and the county would get the revenue. How this works is,  if  a vehicle is speeding over 12 MPH, a picture of the vehicle with tag number is taken, the ticket will be mailed to the registered owner. It doesn't matter if you were driving the vehicle or not, the vehicle is registered in your name, you are responsible for it.

 The reason for this post is, Howard at the Delmar Dustpan posted on his blog that he received a speed camera ticket in the mail, his daughter was speeding on the western shore and he got the ticket because the car is registered to him, well as I said before if it is your vehicle its responsibility pay the damn ticket! Don't blame the law because you broke it.

 The purpose of speed cameras in school zone is to slow traffic down for the safety of our children, not to generate revenue as Howard has implied, before long every school in the state will  have a speed camera. I say,  what ever steps it takes to improve the safety of our kids we will have to adjust too, not bitch because I have to drive the speed limit. Its all about the kids and their safety.

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