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Friday, February 10, 2012

Laurel Intermediate Student Brought Gun to School

LAUREL, Del.- A Laurel Intermediate School student is facing disciplinary action after he brought a gun to school and showed it to other students earlier this week, authorities announced Thursday.
Laurel School Board President Patrick Vanderslice said that on Tuesday, the student brought  a gun and ammunition from his home into the school and carried them in his backpack. 
Vanderslice said that at the end of the day, when the child was showing the gun to some classmates, another student told a parent who promptly alerted school administrators. The administrators, in turn, contacted police.
When officers arrived at the school, they took the child into custody. The gun and ammunition were still in the child's possession, according to Vanderslice.
Vanderslice said the child has been suspended and further actions will be called for, pursuant to what the court system does with this case. Vanderslice told WBOC it is possible this child will be charged with a felony, and that he faces possible expulsion from Laurel schools.
In a statement to parents, Vanderslice wrote, "Laurel schools are doing the utmost to protect your children, but we also need parents' help.  The only way this child was able to bring a gun to school was for it to be available for the child to pick up and place it in his backpack.  If you have guns, please make sure they are secured and talk to your children about the serious consequences of this child's action.  Luckily, no one was injured in this incident, but we as a community have to be diligent."
Vanderslice said the board will continue to monitor this situation and look at ways that the Laurel School District can continue to ensure the safety of the district's children. 

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