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Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Party Robbery in Crisfield

CRISFIELD, Md. - An armed robbery took place at a Crisfield apartment during a birthday party last night.
Three individuals entered the apartment with handguns and their lower faces covered by masks. They told everyone to empty all of their pockets, and fled the scene after robbing the attendants of the party. One person was reportedly pistol whipped and a round went off from the handgun.

Meko Gianni Palmiro was caught and arrested. Police are asking for your help with identifying the other 2 suspects in this incident:
11st Suspect -  Light skinned black male, approximately 5"6" in height, chubby with long dread locks wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt, dark jeans and wearing a dark colored mask over the bottom portion of his face. Possibly goes by the name of "Chuck."
22nd Suspect – Tall Skinny light skinned black male, wearing all dark clothing and a dark colored mask covering the bottom portion of his face.
Anyone with relevant information can contact the Crisfield Police Department at 410-968-1323.

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