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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Laurel School District Cuts 35 Positions

LAUREL, Del.- Laurel School District parents and students gathered in front of Laurel High School on Friday morning to protest major staff and budget cuts.
The Laurel Board of Education on Wednesday night voted to cut 35 positions in the school district. The board began notifying the staff on Thursday morning. The positions cut include 15 teachers, two secretaries, six custodians and 12 paraprofessionals.
District officials said they need to come up with $650,000 for the next school year and they hope that cutting some of the staff will put them closer to this goal. The district issued the following statement on Friday: "The Laurel School District is in dire financial straits. The financial recovery team came from the state and is working with the district to oversee this process. Every effort is being made to meet student and program needs."
While the district said it is in financial straits, Delaware Sen. Robert L. Venables, D-Laurel, said that this year he offered a funding bill to help the district but he never received a reply.
The laid-off paraprofessionals could be asked to return pending state and federal funding and student needs for one-on-ones, district officials said.
   With this said, where does Wicomico County stand? Earlier this week WCBOE postponed its budget pending additional funding from a Special Legislative Session, Laurel cut 35 positions to gain $650,000. how many jobs will be cut in Wicomico County to balance a 2-5 million dollar shortfall if Wicomico County don't get the help needed, I got a comment on a earlier post and this is where the post was directed, even if Wicomico County gets extra money from the State of Maryland, that will only cover this years expenses than what? As above states Board of Ed. jobs are not secure anymore.

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