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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Punishment for Sending Texts to Drivers

CAMBRIDGE, Md. - What if the next text message you send is the reason for a car accident? A New Jersey judge will decide later this week if a teenager is responsible for an accident in 2009.
"I don't think the other person that is sending it should receive any punishment or any repercussions of any fashion," said Cheri Dews of Cambridge, Md.
A New Jersey teenager will learn later this week if she will be held accountable for an accident caused by a text message her boyfriend read while driving.
"I think it's kind of crazy it's the boyfriends fault for reading the text message while he's driving, it can always wait," said 17-year-old Max Marshall of Cambridge.
While some say it's in the hands of each driver to be responsible behind the wheel, others say those sending text messages should also be held accountable.
Melody Lachappelle is against any kind of cell phone use while driving. "I think both of them should be charged," said Lachapelle. "If a person is driving and they are reading a text, the people that are texting them have to know that it's dangerous. "
There are no laws in Maryland when it comes to sending a text message to someone who is driving.

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