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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Police Looking for Hit-and-Run Driver

TILGHMAN ISLAND, Md. - On Thursday afternoon, 51-year-old Samuel Douglas Lynn was walking along Route 33 in Tilghman Island when a car struck him so hard it knocked the shoes off his feet. The driver of the unknown vehicle just kept on going.
Joe Bradley has lived in Tilghman Island for over a decade. He believes the driver who hit Samuel Douglass Lynn was not from Tilghman.
"I would suspect it would involve two people who are not from around here. It's a very close community," said Bradley.
Not only did Lynn's shoes get knocked off his feet, he was thrown into the tall grass beside the road. A passerby stopped to help Lynn and called 911. Locals say the speed limit on that part of the road is 25 mph. Carter Grant drives through Tilghman every day. He said more people need to abide by it.
"People need to slow down," said Grant. "It's a small community and I live here, I work here and people drive too fast."
Bob Lemaire heard about the hit-and-run from friends. He said it is hard to believe it happened in broad daylight.
"I didn't know him but there are a lot of old guys walking dogs up the road and I could see after hours but not during brad daylight," Lemaire said. Police are asking that anyone with information about the driver who hit Lynn to call Maryland State Police in Easton.

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