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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Colorado couple arrested on Rehoboth Ave while their kids watched

Rehoboth Beach police arrested a man and woman shortly after they pulled into the fire lane on Rehoboth Avenue at First Street Station around noon on Saturday. They had two children and a dog with them in the car. The couple had rented a property in the area and arranged to have packages shipped to a real-estate office where they would pick it up. At least one package allegedly contained drugs and was accidentally opened by an employee.
Once police became aware of the package contents, they were waiting when the couple arrived. Police put the adults into two different police vehicles while officers conducted an extensive search of the Toyota Camry.
A boy, girl and two small dogs, who had been in the car with the adults, waited on the curb as police searched. The girl cried and was comforted by a bystander.
The man, woman and children with dogs were taken to the police station in three separate vehicles.

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