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Monday, May 21, 2012

Operation We Care

SHARPTOWN, Md. - "The war is still going on and we just need to remind people that we need to keep supporting our troops", says a local mother who's son is serving in Afghanistan.
The 5th annual Operation We Care packing party was held this year in Sharptown. Family members, Girl Scouts, and war vets gathered together at the Fire departments memorial hall with one goal in mind, supporting the troops.
"They don't know that this stuff is coming and that's the neat part about it", says Operation We Care coordinator Jeff Merritt. "The insides of these boxes are decorated by the local school kids and the girl scouts," he continues.
According to some war vets, being in a combat zone can be stressful to the body and mind. Many start to feel a sense of loneliness which can effect morale.
"Allot of the stuff they're sending today is not only helping with their hygiene but also helping them lift their moral by giving them food and candy and stuff like that", says one parent.
"When your half way around the world away from your friends and family and you get a box like this from someone you don't know it's a huge moral boost," says one of the volunteers.
Packaging the boxes with food, toiletries and love, each volunteer had their own personal reason and story to participate.
"She's commanding a group of army unit that is training afghan women how to become self-sufficient and not to depend on their men," says Gary Kleiman, who's daughter-in-law is currently in Afghanistan.
While others are just doing their part to support our troops, who have no family.

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