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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dagsboro American Legion Memorial Day Honors

DAGSBORO, Del.-- For years the Dagsboro American Legion has honored those who have served on Memorial Day in Bethany Beach, but that didn't happen today.

New rules and regulations by the town of Bethany Beach forced the American Legion to relocate the service. The ceremony was held at the beach's bandstand. But, today they remembered fallen war heroes at their home post.
On a day all about honoring the men and women who died while serving in the armed forces, the community said where the ceremony is held is less important than its meaning.
Veterans told their stories and local heroes were honored at the ceremony today.
"We're used to being in Bethany and we've been there for years, because of the catch 22's we pulled it out here at our post that we're proud of and we pulled it out well," said Darlene Hockman. Hockman added, when it came to honoring the fallen, location doesn't matter. "It is much more home-y because we are a close post, we didn't have a lot of the normal tourists that would be down at Bethany that we had, but we had turnout and respect and comradery.
The American Legion said it is not sure if it will consider the bandstand next year in Sussex County.

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