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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Delmar Man Arrested For DUI After Crash

Delmar Md.- Thursday at 11 pm Wicomico County Sheriffs were called to Williams Mill Pond Rd for reports of a single car accident, upon arrival they found a Chevy Cavalier, Driven by 21 year old Seth Benson of Delmar Delaware, had left the road and collided with a tree, Benson and his two passengers were not injured in the crash, while Deputies were questioning Benson they smelled the oder of alcohol and performed field sobriety test, Benson declined the breath test, at that time Benson was arrested and charged DUI. Benson was taken to Wicomico County Detonation Center and released on $10,000.00 bond.

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Anonymous said...

What they DON'T tell you is that after the accident, a local teen passerby stopped to make sure everybody was OK and this little fella and his friends tried to jump in her car and initially told the police that they were riding with her! They tried to throw her under the bus and drag her down with them for no other reason than to try to take the attention off him. It's actually kind of funny... the boys took the license plate of their car and threw it into hers. I have no clue what exactly they were trying to accomplish with this, but my advice to Mr. Benson: be a MAN and own up to your mistakes because they are YOUR mistakes and you will learn that nobody will willingly take a fall to save your butt. Seriously, all she was trying to do was be nice, make sure everybody was OK. All she was doing was the RIGHT thing and you're try to drag her down with you???