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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wicomico County Mom Wants School Bus Driver Fired for Negligence

Bus Pic #1

SALISBURY, Md.- Wicomico County mother Jessica Smithson said the driver of her son's school bus left him on the side of the road when he said he was sick and wanted to get off the bus. Smithson said she found her son Jason, a student at Bennett High School, walking on North West Road in Salisbury. He was three miles from home with blood all over him.
"I thought she was just going to stay there and like wait for my mom to come and then when she drove off I'm like, 'Wow, she actually drove off,' not knowing what was going to happen to me," Jason said.
Smithson said her son Jason suffered a head injury the week before at Bennett High School, which she believes was the cause of the nose bleed. She thinks it also caused Jason to pass out just a few days prior.
"I want her fired, period. You don't leave someone's child on the side of the road. Kids can lie everyday and say they want to get off the bus. [Are] you going to let every kid off the bus that says they want to get off the bus,"Smithson said.
Smithson said the director of the transportation from Wicomico County Board of Education called her and in reference to the driver of the bus said it was "completely unacceptable and total negligence on her part and it will be dealt with."
 Wicomico County Board of Education. Public Information Officer Tracy Sahler declined to talk, but called the incident "nothing to speak of. How does the Public Information Officer decline to talk, thats her job, WCBOE has been let do as they wish, its time for the residents of Wicomico County to make them accountable for there actions.

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