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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Felton Police Chief Denies Using 'Novice Driver' Magnet

FELTON, Del.- This Sunday, Felton Police Chief Levi Brown was photographed pulling someone over for speeding. The photograph shows a "novice driver" magnet on the back of his unmarked SUV.
The chief said it must have been a practical joke. He claims he does not know how it got there.

"Someone enjoyed themselves with a practical joke," Brown said. "Whoever put on the back of my truck, I hope they get their laugh and I get my 15 minutes of fame."

Jerry Santoro is not buying the chief's story.
"I think he is fibbing," Santoro said. "There's nothing wrong with keeping the roads safe and I appreciate that, but being sneaky like that and specifically baiting people."

Brown stands firm on his statement that he was not trying to deceive anyone with the "novice driver" magnet.

"We work for the people and I simply do my job every day," Brown said.

Some people say it is job well-done. Residents of Felton say that with the chief's strict speed limit enforcement, they have seen fewer accidents.

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