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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cape Henlopen Superintendent to Resign, Parents React

MILTON, Del.- For the second time in as many years, a Cape Henlopen School District superintendent is leaving the job.

On Monday, parents wanted to know why this was becoming a trend after current superintendent Kevin Carson announced he is resigning at the end of July.

Spencer Brittingham with the Cape Board of Education said, Carson who signed a three-year contract replaced interim superintendent, David Robinson who signed a one-year contract after George Stone left in 2010.

Several of the parents said they think there are unresolved issues within the school district and are worried those problems could trickle down into the classroom.

Patty Lewis of Ellendale was just one parent who wanted to know why this was happening. Lewis said this is the latest example of instability within the school system.

"Its kind of frustrating because we know that there are some issues in the school board and the administration but the articles that we read in the paper don't give any explanation as to why people are leaving, why they are unhappy," Lewis said.

Some parents like Bianca Howardson think the change won't affect the schools all that much.

"I think as long as our teachers are doing their job, that he is kind of so far off the food chain that it doesn't really effect every day school life," Howardson said, "And as long as my kids are taken cared of and they are getting the education they should be getting, then it doesn't matter who is in charge for me."

Carson said his decision to resign comes after a disagreement with the school board.

School board member, Camilla Conlon told WBOC, she's surprised with Carson's decision saying that, "There are always growing pains in the beginning, but those eventually resolve."

However parents in the community found themselves once again adjusting to change.
"We've had principals moved and dismissed and everyone was in a uproar," Lewis said, "But there was never an explanation as to why he left and it goes on down the line."

WBOC tried to speak with Carson on Monday but were unsuccessful with getting a comment.

Conlon said that a special meeting will be held Thursday night where one of the topics to be discussed will be this latest shake-up at the school district.

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