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Friday, May 4, 2012

Delmar Daily Community Leader For May

David C. Ring, Jr., Ed.D
Dr. Ring currently is in his 29th year in K-12 education and his fifth year as a District Superintendent. During the past 29-years Dr. Ring has served as a classroom teacher, academic chairperson, assistant principal, principal, curriculum specialist, regional director, and presently superintendent of schools.
He completed his under-graduate (B.S) degree at St. Francis University (PA) in Education and English. After several years of classroom teaching he completed a Master's degree (M.S.) in Education from St. Joseph's University (PA). He continued his studies at Towson University (MD)and completed the required coursework to be certified in School Administration. On April 30, 2003 he received a doctorate degree (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University (FL). His research and dissertation focused on the "The behavioral affects of high school students in relation to academic performance".
Besides his service to the District as the board appointed Superintendent he also serves at the discretion of the Governor as an Executive Board member for JDG (Jobs for Delaware Graduates), a member of the Governor appointed Task Force for Student Assessment and Accountability, and member of the Delaware Student Mentoring Council, and most recently appointed to Delaware's newly formed Human Capital Task Force. As a resident of the Delmar community, Dr. Rings serves on the Delmar Town Council's Planning and Zoning committee.
Below are some of his professional accomplishments since his appointment as superintendent in 2005.
Professional Accomplishments
1. Completed a 4-million dollar construction project including major renovations to the facilities and buildings
2. Passed 4-successful Referendums
3. Conducted and completed contract negotiations for the FY10 Employee Contract
4. Launched a "State of the Arts" website
5. Revised the Bi-State Agreement between DE and MD
6. Instituted a School Uniform Policy for all students
7. Hired a full-time Director of Finances
8. Reorganized and reformed all Board Policies to reflect current law
9. Introduced a Technology Strategic Plan
a. The installation of a new District Server
b. 6-moble computer labs for student use
c. New automation system for the library media centers
d. Updated classroom and office technology with whiteboards Elmo projectors. etc.
e. Installed wireless capability in all administrative offices and conference rooms.

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