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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

100 Deadliest Driving Days for Teens

SALISBURY, Md. - AAA says Memorial Day to Labor Day are the most dangerous times for new drivers to be on the road. It's the beginning of summer vacation when many new drivers are on the road.
A+(Plus) Driving School in Salisbury says they make the message of safe driving clear for the entire year not just summer. "As new drivers we make it our year round message to pay attention and be alert be as proactive as they can possibly be," says Sandy Greer and instructor at the driving school.
AAA encourages parents to communicate with their children about safe driving habits. "No cell phone usage, texting, talking on the phone or anything like that while she's driving, at all. We want her to be attentive to the road. It's not always about her driving safe it's about watching out for other drivers too that may not be driving safe," says Jeff Harman whose daughter is currently in driving school.
AAA says July and August are the most dangerous months for drivers ages 16 to 17 and vehicle crashes are still the leading cause for the deaths of young Americans.

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