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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some Take Issue With Names of Salisbury Restaurant's 'Fat Sandwiches'

SALISBURY, Md.- You'll find typical college grub, like pizza, burgers, wings and big, fat sandwiches, all offered at Romeo's Pizzeria, right across from Salisbury University. Yet those very fat sandwiches have some folks crying foul.
Their menu features sandwiches like the "Fat Philipino," "Fat Idiot" and "Fat B*tch."
Romeo's caters to the college crowd, but some say their targeted advertising goes too far.
"This was on my door when I got home," said Patricia Bunting, while showing us the menu.

Bunting said she was shocked at what she saw when she took a closer look.

"I'm not even going to say some of these names because they are really bad," she said.

People who live at the same apartment complex say it is home to many families but the menu left at their doors is anything but family-friendly.

"I don't understand how they can get away with some of the names on their sandwiches and stuff. It doesn't make sense. Children live here and they're learning to read," Bunting said.
We tried to get the owners on the phone for a comment but were not successful, so we went to the restaurant for answers. We were told no manager was available at the time but did speak with an employee.

"I mean, some of the names, some people might get offended. I don't think it's inappropriate though. We don't live in the 1950s anymore," he said.

Some argue the menu is geared toward college students and is all in good fun.

"I've been to other colleges that did the same thing. I've never heard of it being offensive. Most people think it's funny," said Salisbury University senior Tim Triplett.

Others disagree.

"I'm all for crazy names to get people's attention, that's cool- we're next to a college campus. But names as derogatory as that, I'm not comfortable with it," SU student Ashley Wilson told us.
SU professor Vinita Agarwal said it speaks to a larger moral concern.

"The bigger concern is what values do they think it says about them and how do they interpret it in the larger context," she noted.
Romeo's is not the only restaurant to use sandwich names like these. Several years ago, a group of students at Rutgers University demanded area vendors change the names of the sandwiches on their menu.

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