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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Culver is strongly defending himself.

SALISBURY, Md.- He is a Wicomico County Councilman. He is also a son that is now not allowed to have contact with his mother, at least temporarily. This all comes after Ruth Culver-Freeman filed a protective order Friday against her son, Councilman Bob Culver. Culver said he is innocent of any wrongdoing.
As of now, the case is under investigation. The seven-day protective order is up for a final hearing Friday to determine whether it will be extended.
In the meantime, this case is fueling debate about public officials and whether their private matters are, indeed, private.
The court documents allege Culver held his mother by her arms and "threw her down" three months ago.
Culver is strongly defending himself.
"I find all the charges are baseless, they're unfounded," he said.
The protective order prevents Culver from having any contact with his mother. Culver said it is all a family matter.
"It's an unfortunate family situation, whereas several years ago, I was given my mother's Power of Attorney and her medical directive and unfortunately, now is the time for me to have to institute those medical directives and Power of Attorney," he explained. "And it seemed not to suit one of my siblings so, subsequently, there's been action taken against me through the encouragement of one of my siblings."
The situation is sparking debate over the private issues of public officials. That is something people we spoke with have mixed reactions about.
"It was a private matter until she went to the police and asked for, or the court and asked for a protective order," said a man who only identified himself as Peter of Salisbury. "As soon as she went into the public, then it became a public, something in the public domain."

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