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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Council Gives Zoning Approval for Delmar Amphitheater

DELMAR, Md.- You might remember hearing about plans to bring an amphitheater to Wicomico County. It would be a chance to catch concerts and events in Delmar, Md.
On Tuesday night the Delmar (Md.) Town Council gave unanimous zoning approval for the project on Route 54, where some of the groundwork has already started.
Most people we spoke with say they are excited but some folks that live nearby have concerns.
Doug Marshall is the man behind the plan to bring a 5,000 seat amphitheater to the area.
"It's a substantial project and it feels really good to be in a town that wants commercial growth," he told us.
The council has approved rezoning the property to what is known as "highway commercial." That means the planning process can now move forward.
"We have a plan for a restaurant-type atmosphere out here, a community events theme park where we use the community players, we have theater, theatrical events, we have a multitude of business models we want to implement," Marshall said.
Several people told WBOC that they are board with the project – and not just for the entertainment value.
"I think anything they bring to the area would help here and it would give more people jobs, anything they do," noted Carolyn Parsons of Delmar.
Added Laurel resident Charles Hodgson, "It helps the economy, brings more tourists to the area, helps the business people."
But then there are people like Wayne Litchford, who lives right across the street on the Delaware side of RT 54.
"I think it's probably a good idea but I don't think this is the place for it," Litchford explained.
He said the area already has a lot of traffic and noise as it is and worries that would only get worse.
"People are going to have trouble getting to and from work," Litchford said. "They're going to have trouble getting across the intersections here."
Although zoning approval has been given, there is a 30-day window for appeals to be heard by the council.
If all goes as planned, Marshall hopes to have the amphitheater operational by next summer.

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