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Friday, March 30, 2012

Mother Requests Aids on Buses in Somerset County

SOMERSET COUNTY, Md.- One parent says her son child was the victim of inappropriate behavior on a school bus in Somerset County. Her request for aids on the buses was eventually granted.
The woman, who requests to remain unidentified, said her son was sexually assaulted while on a school bus for months.
"My 7-year-old was sexually assaulted by a 6-year-old child on the school bus. He was doing very inappropriate things to my son," the woman said.
The woman said she found out because another child at her son's school told a school counselor. She was then told in a meeting and decided she wanted to take action to prevent this from happening to another child. She said she met some opposition from the Somerset County Board of Education.
"When I called the head of transportation his words to me, when I asked about putting a bus aide on the bus, he said, 'Where are we supposed to get it from? We don't have the money for that. Are we supposed to take it from the schools?' Then I said, 'Well I know the schools are being cut all the time. What am I supposed to do call congress and get something done?' He said, 'Well, you're only one voice.'"
After more effort the board decided to put aides on the busses.
"Inappropriate behavior on the school bus that was not clearly seen on the video tape resulted in an aid being placed on the bus. Our primary goal is the safety and welfare of our children (all) and it becomes vital that when any incident occurs that we address it immediately using established policies and procedures," said Renee McLaughlin, director of elementary student services for Somerset County Public Schools. .
McLaughlin said it is tough for the school district to do this.
"I believe every system in this state would love to be able to put aids buses;especially elementary; however, because of limited funding that is difficult to do," she said.

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