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Friday, March 30, 2012

Maryland Seeks Certification for Crab and Rockfish

EASTON, Md. - Maryland is in the process of certifying their blue crabs and rockfish. The state is seeking certification as more people become concerned about where their food comes from and how the product affects the environment.
Snappers Restaurant in Cambridge will only use Maryland crab meat. "We won't use anything but Maryland crab meat and that's great," said Snappers owner John Sydnor. "I think it's great they are going to get a certification on it."
Sydnor isn't the only happy restaurant owner, Stephen Mangasarian says certifying crabs and rockfish will help the community's economy. "If customers can be absolutely sure they are getting real Maryland crab meat it's good for everyone and helps everybody," said Mangasarian.
With this new certification, people who are concerned with where their food comes from can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it is caught fresh in Md. The Department of Natural Resources anticipates consumers are more likely to buy crab and rockfish and demand could drive up the price.
Becky Kroeger of East New Market would rather pay a little more to know she is getting real Maryland crab. "I like to know where my food is coming from and to make sure it is what they say it is," said Kroeger.
One man says if crab is out of your price range, splurge for something cheaper. "I am always saying if the crab meat is too expensive at the time, get a steak," said Seth Beatty of St. Michaels

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