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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wicomico County's War On Drugs

WICOMICO Co.,- The state of Maryland is cracking down on all repeat drug offenders. State's Attorney Matt Maciarello holds nothing back when it comes to drug offenders, especially repeat offenders. Last week, two convicted drug dealers were each sentenced to a decade in prison in unrelated cases. These are the one of the many steps the Wicomico County State's Attorney office is taking against Drug Dealers in the area.
State's Attorney Matt Maciarello states, "We're trying to deter this conduct in our community, because we're seeing such a great deal of narcotics violations and drug dealing."
Furthermore, with drug dealing comes guns and violence which the state's attorney is trying to rid the area of as well.
Maciarello continues by saying, "We're keeping people that are also associated with gun violence and street violence off of our streets and incarcerated."
And this is no slap on the wrist. First and repeat offenders may start to experience more time behind bars. So drug dealers beware, because not only is the county offering stiffer laws, but the state of Maryland is as well. Where you can receive up to 10 years for your 2nd offense and 25 for your third.

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