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Monday, January 30, 2012

Delmar Pet Rules For Rover....

Delmar. Over the past few years I have had confronted a few people for allowing thier dogs to relieve its self in my yard, seems this is a bigger problem than I thought, after talking to a friend last week who has also had this problem,  I ask this question, are Delmar pet laws protecting us. My dog has a area in "MY" back yard where she relieves herself, we dont permit her do go antwhere else,  but it seems the front yard is open season to all others. Just this morning I  had to yell from my front door to a idiot letting his dog deposit in my driveway and give a alternative if he didn't clean it up! This is not the first time I have had this problem with this guy and I see myself having this problem again. Seems the rules for rover put in place by the town are a little slim in this area, I haven't looked at Wicomico County laws yet but  that next. How many of you are having this problem? Below is the "Rules for Rover" from the Town of Delmar website.

Rules for Rover

There has been an increase recently in the number of

dogs at large within Town limits. The Town would like to

issue a reminder of the ordinance referring to animal care

and control. The basic guidelines are listed below.


Cruelty to animals is prohibited. Owners are required to supply food, water, shelter

with sufficient air and ventilation, and veterinary care as needed.


It is unlawful to permit your pet to run at large (not under control by leash, chain or



Confinement of a female pet in heat is required.


Dog licenses are required. Delaware residents can purchase a dog license at the

Delmar Town Hall. Maryland residents can purchase a dog license at the Wicomico

County Humane Society.


All pets must be vaccinated for Rabies and proof of vaccination readily available.


Frequent and disturbing noises by dogs are prohibited within town limits.

Pets can be loving and loyal friends that many consider to be like a family member. Show

your pet how much you care by providing them with all that they need for comfort and

health and by protecting them from disease and other dangers. To receive additional

information regarding the ordinance, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer at

Town Hall by calling (410) 896-2777 or (302) 846-2664

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