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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jaceeys Gone Wild IN Salisbury


Moments ago, one of the Jaycees representatives walked up to the Owner of the new Aqua Restaurant, (Phil) and said, "did you pay the $50.00 to be here"? Phil kept his composure, smiled and said, WHAT? The Jaycees representative said, you have to pay $50.00 to be out here to give out candy on the Plaza. He went on to say that they RENTED the Plaza from the City and every one has to pay their $50.00 fee to be there.

First of all, Phil, (as a business owner) was simply being kind. He went out and purchased candy to give away, thinking this was the right thing to do. I will say, (obviously) I was standing right there and this gentleman was not being kind at all. If the Jaycees had done the right thing they would have solicited Phil to invite him to participate and perhaps he would have known there was a charge.

I used to be in the Jaycees, (back in the day) and this is NOT how we used to behave and or treat people. Even I had NO CLUE the Jaycees were charging to give away candy. Secondly, this is Phil's property, (as a renter). He's never been charged for a 3rd Friday event, that I'm aware of.

Times are a changing, that's for sure.
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