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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Inland Preps in Wicomico County Ahead of Sandy

(Photo: WBOC)
SALISBURY, Md.- With so much anticipation of Hurricane Sandy possibly heading our way, Delmarva Power officials said that many people should expect to be without power for possibly a lengthy period of time.
On Friday, some Wicomico County residents made sure they were not taking any chances when it comes to being prepared.
"We would have chainsaws, cutting saws, we have tools and so forth," said Assistant Chief, Bryan Records with the Salisbury Fire Department's Station 16. "We are making sure that all the apparatus is fueled up and we carry all the regulars plus chainsaws that we would take down tree branches with."
Delmarva Power spokesman Matt Likovich said the utility understands how some people maybe worried about losing power, but he wants to assure them that Delmarva Power's storm team is ready to handle whatever may come their way.
"Yes, customers should be prepared...perhaps for extended outages," Likovich said,. "We've had conversations with other utility organizations up and down the Atlantic seaboard discussing what we can do, what we need and perhaps if we need extra help if the storm comes."
"We have adequate inventory of cable, poles, wires any of the hardware and the equipment that is necessary to repair the infrastructure if there is any damage to the system from this storm," he said.
And because residents could experience lengthy power outages, Likovich said that Delmarva Power recommends people keep an emergency kit handy, which includes items like a flashlight, bottled water, batteries, canned goods and a first-aid kit.
Steve Thumma said he came all the way from Ocean City to Salisbury just to stock up on power generators at Horner's Honda on Route 13.
"Looking out for neighbors, looking out for my kids and not necessarily worried about the food," Thumma said. "I am not going to go out and spend $3,000 just to save $200 worth of food in the freezer."
For those concerned about local storm drains in Salisbury, officials said they have that under control.
"Our street sweepers are out," said Salisbury Mayor James Ireton Jr. during an afternoon press conference. "he important thing here is to get these storm drains cleared so that we can make sure that water is getting to where it needs to go."
The City Service Center just received 10 tons of sand, which means there are plenty of sandbags to go around if people need them.
The city is also using the Salisbury Marina as a safe haven for boaters who may want to dock their boats on higher ground for free.

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