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Monday, November 5, 2012

Walnut Street Construction Begains

Delmar Md. Today will be the start of a long project that will affect many Delmar residents, Crews will start the reconstuction of Walnut street, this is a long coming project for residents of Walnut Street who has had to dodge large holes and bumps to get from point A to point B.
   Walnut Street has been a eye sore to our town for years but that will be soon to end. The street including all utility pipes will be replaced, sidewalks will be installed on the north side of the street and the south side of the street will have rollcurbs, all service connections will be ran to the sides of the road to prevent cutting the new road in the future.

   The project was headed off by Mayor Carl Anderton, Deputy Mayor Karen Wells and was in the planning stages befor the last election at which time the newly elected officials, Mike Gibb, Stephany Ring, and Bunky Luffman jumped on board. So don't be fooled by a local political leader running around saying I am the one getting them the new street! And the me man needs to stop or will be stoped.

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