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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Salisbury Students Have Mixed Feelings About State Tuition Hike

SALISBURY, Md.- If your son or daughter attends a Maryland college, you could be paying even more than first thought for their education, especially at Salisbury University.
The Board of Regents for the Maryland University System this week approved a 3 percent tuition increase for most in-state students.
For SU students, this is in addition to an earlier 3 percent hike.
On Friday, full-time SU student Reggie Wardell said the tuition hike could leave him strapped.
"If you have other expenses such as rent like I do, with financial aid I put that towards school and towards rent," he said,"But now that the price for tuition goes up that is less money towards rent."
University officials said, in-state students will pay a total of 6 percent increase while out of state will pay a 2.3 percent increase in tuition.
The money would equal to about $975,000 that will go toward school enhancements and student services.
"Most of that will be applied toward financial aid, but we also have a Center for Student Achievement and some of that money will go there as well to address our retention initiative," said Betty Crockett, SU's vice president of administration and finance.
"When you look at the quality of the education we provide, the services we provide the maintenance of our facilities hopefully in the long run the students will see that it was a good investment," she said.
The university lists in-state tuition for students at $5,576 for the next academic year. Last year, tuition was $316 lower. Students paid $4,960 if they were a resident of Maryland.
The recent increase is a change that Robbie Gilroy said he can live with as long as he said he gets his money's worth.
"Providing more faculty will be beneficial for the school as far as receiving classes that you need in the fall semester or the spring semester," Gilroy said.
The campus was empty Friday because students are on a break but once they come back in the fall this year, Crockett said they can expect to see that increase in tuition.

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